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Little ghost girl spoke to me - crazy evp's

 Finishing up this video has left me with more question about the little girl that would answer me. Who is she? Did she die on the property? no deaths have been recorded on the property and the original house was moved onto the property. 

Touring the Claibourne House in Jefferson Texas

 The main building at Claiborne House was built as a single family home around 1862 to 1866.  Capt. V. H. Claiborne  purchased it in 1871.  It is a modified Greek Revival design . 

The Grove

The Grove in Jefferson Tx is a Texas Historic Landmark. Dating back about 150 years, this home has had it's far share of ghostly visitors.  They have the Lady in White always taken the same path thru the house when she is seen. A man seen walking thru the garden and a unknown entity who loves the ladies. 

Touring the olde park hotel

EVP Audio

Home evp season

thought i saw something so i did a quick evp season to test a theory.

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